The following publications have been an inspiration and source of knowledge and insight for my translations on this website.

Nourishing Destiny, by Lonny Jarrett (2000)
This book was the first I found that really had something to say about the effects on the psyche that points have, after I found a text about the "Spirit of the Points" from Jarrett online.
Specifically, my insight into the effect of ST-30, and consequently my translation of its point name 氣沖, come from the discussion of Chongqi in it. Also, my understanding of Ling 靈 started for me with this book.
Spirit of the Points, by Neil Gumenick (2010)
Both the texts by this title on Gumenick's website, and his articles in Acupuncture Today, have helped further my understanding of what acupuncture points do.
Acupuncture Point Compendium, by Claire-Louise Hatton (2014)
This book has been the main starting point for me for the understanding of effects on the psyche of the points. Without such understanding, a meaningful translation of many point names is, in my view, hardly possible.
Grasping the Wind, by Ellis, Wiseman & Boss (1989)
The format of this book, of giving reasoning for translations of point names, has been an inspiration to my own work here. However, I disagree on many aspects with the views and translations presented in it.
A Manual of Acupuncture, by Deadman, Al-Khafaji & Baker (1998)
Some of my translations have been inspired by this voluminous book, like the one for REN-8.