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Some information about me, Ewald Berkers, the author of this website.

I authored, designed and programmed this website 'Meridians & Points', and translated the names of the acupuncture points. (See the page with "acknowledgments" for what have been starting points for me.)

Translating the I Ching/Yijing

Since 2003, I have a website called 'Eclectic Energies,' that, among other subjects, has my translation of the I Ching/Yijing. Or actually, of what's called the Zhouyi, which is the core text of the Yijing, the poetry part, so to speak. I put many hours into translating the text from ancient Chinese to English, using webpage technology that I programmed specially for that. Similar technology for having relevant context available is showcased here on this website.


I have been a student of the Ridhwan School for Human Development (Diamond Approach from author A.H. Almaas) for 11 years. I am currently going my own spiritual way, and am developing an approach based, among others, on what I learned in that school, replacing the view of the psyche with one based mostly on psychological aspects of the acupuncture points.

Contact info

I live in the Netherlands, in the city of Nijmegen.

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