Translating "涌泉", acupuncture point KI-1

The reasoning for translating "涌泉" as "Bubbling Spring" from Chinese into English. This is the original name of acupuncture point KI-1 (Kidney 1).

Bubbling Spring  (KI-1)
涌: Bubble up / pour out
泉: Spring / source

Explanation of the point name

At the location of this point, the bones suggest a spring. Also, when one senses underneath the soles of the feet at this point, it can feel like there's a bubbling spring there.

1st character

Bubble up / pour out
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No other point names with this character.

2nd character

Spring / source
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Point names with

For consistency in the translations, it is necessary to be aware of how the character is translated elsewhere. These are the point names it is in.

SP-9 陰陵泉 Yin Mound Spring
HT-1 極泉 Highest Source
KI-1 涌泉 Bubbling Spring
KI-5 水泉 Water Spring
P-2 天泉 Heavenly Spring
GB-34 陽陵泉 Yang Mound Spring
LIV-8 曲泉 Spring at the Bend
REN-23 廉泉 Corner Spring

Nearby points

Sometimes the names of consecutive points on a meridian are related. Being aware of nearby points can help to translate consistently in such a situation.

BL-65 束骨 Bundle of Bones
BL-66 足通谷 Walking Through the Valley
BL-67 至陰 Most Yin
KI-1 涌泉 Bubbling Spring
KI-2 然谷 Burning Valley
KI-3 太谿 Largest Valley Stream
KI-4 大鐘 Big Bell