Translating "承漿", acupuncture point REN-24

The reasoning for translating "承漿" as "Fluid Receptacle" from Chinese into English. This is the original name of acupuncture point REN-24 (Ren 24).

Fluid Receptacle  (REN-24)
承: Receive / be informed by / hold
漿: Juice

Explanation of the point name

This point is located underneath the mouth, which receives fluids. Also, the effect of this point is to enhance the function of receiving in body and psyche.

1st character

Receive / be informed by / hold
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Point names with

For consistency in the translations, it is necessary to be aware of how the character is translated elsewhere. These are the point names it is in.

ST-1 承泣 Accept the Tears
ST-20 承滿 Receiving Enough
BL-6 承光 Receiving Light
BL-36 承扶 Receiving Help
BL-56 承筋 Supporting Muscles
BL-57 承山 Supporting the Mountain
GB-18 承靈 Informed by the Spirit
REN-24 承漿 Fluid Receptacle

2nd character

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No other point names with this character.

Nearby points

Sometimes the names of consecutive points on a meridian are related. Being aware of nearby points can help to translate consistently in such a situation.

REN-21 璇璣 Pivot of Fine Jade
REN-22 天突 Heaven's Chimney
REN-23 廉泉 Corner Spring
REN-24 承漿 Fluid Receptacle
DU-28 齦交 Gum Junction
DU-27 兌端 Passing Over the Tip
DU-26 水溝 Water Trough